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Sell Well

Sell Well

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- An easy guide to selling your company -  

This book helps private business owners and CEOs navigate the many issues related to the sale of their company. In this non-technical guide to the sale process, the three authors provide real-life examples of lessons learned and mistakes to avoid. Business students will also get tools to think about company valuation and the many factors that enhance value from a buyer’s perspective. This handbook will help you understand the steps others have taken to successfully sell their company. It includes ...

- issues to consider in order to best meet all of your goals in the sale process
- tips on how to maximize the exit value
- helpful information to prepare business people for life after the sale

This easy-to-read book about mergers and acquisitions comes highly recommended by very successful business people like Dave Dillon, retired Chairman and CEO of Kroger Companies, and Larry Stevenson, Chairman of SNC-Lavalin. The sale of your company may be the most important business decision an owner can make.  Read this book before you decide to sell!